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Unfortunately, cPanel has increased its licence costs yet again. We've not passed on the costs to our customers for 2 years, however, as the price has increased further, from March 15th, 2024 we will be updating our prices to align with these new price changes.

New cPanel Licence prices


Bulk Account and Server prices


cPanel defines Bulk Accounts as those created over the 100-account limit. From March 15th, 2024, each additional account over this 100 limit will be charged at £0.25, up from £0.20. 

Additional costs are calculated automatically monthly for servers using over 100 accounts. Check your WHM control panel under ‘List Accounts’ to see your live number of accounts. 
Below is an example of the cPanel licence costs for a server with 1,000 accounts. You can see the current pricing alongside the updated pricing that starts on March 15th, 2024:

The above is an extreme case, yet it highlights why we’re getting in touch to keep you informed.

Help and advice


It may be possible for you to reduce the number of accounts on your server, particularly if you have test accounts or old accounts that you don’t use. We recommend that you remove any accounts you don’t need or manually move them under other existing accounts.

If you need any advice on the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

Kind Regards,

David Kimberley
Chief Operating Officer